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3 Way Flexible Metal Chrome Pipe Connectors For Pipe Racking out dia 28mm

3 Way Flexible Metal Chrome Pipe Connectors For Pipe Racking out dia 28mm

3 Way Flexible Metal Chrome Pipe Connectors For Pipe Racking out dia 28mm

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen ,China
Hàng hiệu: Top-King
Chứng nhận: ISO9001:2008;RoHS
Model Number: HJ-3B

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 SETS
Giá bán: Negotiation
Packaging Details: H-2B and H-4B packed separately in the carton (Size:300*250*152mm)
Delivery Time: Within 7working days after received the deposit.
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 5000sets per day
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3 Way Flexible Metal Chrome Pipe Connectors For Pipe Racking





Quick Detail:


1. Item No.HJ-3B

2. Weight :0.29kg/set.

3. Material:2.5 mm Thickness SPCC steel 

4. Surface Treatment :Surface electrophoresis treatment (Black one), Zinc / Nickel / Chrome plated (Silvery one)

5. Production procedure: SPCC Steel plate → Cutting → Model →Stamping →Polish→ Electrophoresis Or Plating

6. Main Combination:Two pieces of H-2B ,one piece of H4B and three sets of M6*25 bolts & nuts(H-2B*2+H-4B*1+M6*25*3)


Chrome Plated Pipe Connectors are used for assembled pipe rack products in different industry.

Four-dimensional 90 degree structure composed of three flexible pipes,with three sets of M6*25 bolts and nuts in pipe racking system.

Pipe racking,workstation and trolley are made of metal pipe joints,flexible plastic coated pipe .

Racking system is simple and flexible to operate and adjuster.You only loosen the bolt and nut ,and change the products what you want to be.



Product Description


  1. Smooth and glossy surface 
  2. High intensity
    Eco - friendly and good appearance
    Perfect wear resistance and Flexible
    Material: 2.5mm thickness SPCC steel pipe stamping and surface treatment.
  3. Surface treatment:
    Electrophoresis / Chrome / galvanization
  4. Technology: Stamping
  5. Load capacity: Small / medium / heavy




1. Sample and easy operation

Because metal pipe joints connecting the lean pipes in pipe rack products what fixed by M6*25 bolt and nut, only need a M6 spanner to tighten and loosen when assembly and disassembly pipe racking system.

2. High smooth and glossy surface.

Before surface treatment, metal pipe connectors are sent to surface grinding after stamping. Beautiful appearance and practical.

3, Environmental protection, can be reused

Flexible pipe and pipe joints are re-used pipe rack parts. Can be disassembled the pipe rack products and used the lean pipes and pipe connectors to assemble other products, Jut need to loosen the bolt and nut on the metal pipe joints.

4. Pipe rack products’ layer can be adjusted and re-modified. If you want to change the shape or the height, you loosen the bolt and nut, and adjust to the suitable place.That is OK.




Using Plastic coated  pipes and pipe rack metal joints, all kinds of pipe rack products can be made into.

Pipe and joint system are a flexible and DIY system consists of pipe, joint and specialized accessories, assembled in a variety of configurations to serve various function. It is commonly used as storage and handing equipment including rack, shelves, workstation and trolley.
In facts, almost everything can be manufactured by multiunit Pipe and pipe Joint
Our products are sold with competitive price and high quality.



Competitive Advantage:


  1. Direct manufacturer, provide pipe rack system with high quality and best price.
  2. Provide sample in free.
  3. Pipe rack products and design solution supplied fast and freely
  4. Best design oriented for your special requirements
  5. Lifelong technical support 
  6. Professional team support
  7. Standard Design
  8. Concept proposal
  9. 3D Drawing



3 Way Flexible Metal Chrome Pipe Connectors For Pipe Racking out dia 28mm


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